Visiting Western-super-Mare, Dismaland and Bristol

Before we went to Bestival in September last year, Elsa and I got the incredible chance to explore Western-super-Mare and Bristol because Carly lives in Somerset. IMG_0198 I have never seen anything like the beach at Western-super-Mare. The sand has the consistency of mud and the tide stretches a very long way back, which caused the tiny pools of water to reflect the clear blue sky.IMG_0232 These mudflats are actually quite dangerous to walk in, it was very tricky to get unstuck from the mud, so we walked in the drier bits. Next time, I would definitely take a run in such a beautiful setting.IMG_0258 Carly’s parents were extremely generous to grab us tickets to Banksy’s Dismaland. It certainly wasn’t as depressing as I expected it to be! The staff were very miserable and kept scaring everyone though.IMG_0263Everywhere you looked there was art that conveyed pretty powerful messages. There was a gallery that had artworks from amazing international artists and from home. A few of Damien Hurt’s pieces were there, but I am still quite unsure how I feel about those…IMG_0294This was the most intricate model village I have ever seen. It is titled “Aftermath Dislocation” and was made by artist Jimmy Cauty and his team.  It portrays a “new Bedford” where the police have taken over and all the buildings are run down, quite an eery atmosphere now that I remember it.IMG_0272This was another piece that captured my eye. I think the artist here tried to show how little fresh vegetables there are in ready made meals, or maybe it was a cool way to make plant pots. Whatever the concept behind the art was, it was effective.IMG_0297Whilst taking a needed break, we watched a few unique short films. All of them interesting and quite disturbing in their own way.IMG_0310We walked into a tent that contained posters and banners used in past protests. The whole night was a great adventure and made me aware of some issues I wasn’t familiar with before.IMG_0341The following day, we went to Bristol to do pre-festival shopping and this is where I took the cutest pic of the girls ever. I bought the most amazing shorts in American Apparel as they fit so well and didn’t make me look like I was about to burst in them! We also grabbed a few bits of essential camping gear at Sports Direct.IMG_0353Elsa has a friend who is studying in Bristol, so she met up with her for lunch and left Carly and I to do our own thing for a couple of hours. We had some incredible food at Fuego. IMG_0356The Nachos came topped with some guac, lettuce, salsa, jalapeños, refried beans and cheese. So filling and delicious.IMG_0358I wasn’t feeling too hungry, so for a main I got a small portion of chicken quesadillas. Again, this dish packed a lot of flavour.IMG_0364

After lunch, we took a stroll around the docks of Bristol. It was a warm and sunny day and I was left with a pleasant impression of the city. The people here were friendly, there were a lot of interesting places to explore and I certainly would love to come here again.


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