M.I.A, a New Diet and Views on Fast Fashion

DSC_0469 (2)Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you have all been well and had a fabulous Easter weekend with your loved ones! Today, I uploaded a video on YouTube explaining where I have been in the past few months and some of the new views I have developed over that time. I discuss hectic university life, why I stopped eating as much meat, my views on fast fashion and the impact of negativity on my mental wellbeing. Over time, I wish to make longer videos concerning each of these topics because I believe that are things that should be discussed openly in our day and age! Keep in mind that this video is an overview rather than an in-depth analysis and I hope enjoy watching it.

Also, as you can see in this image, I have got braces about 4 months ago. It was unplanned and quite random, but they have really straightened out my teeth. I completely forgot to chat about that in the video, so if you have any questions on what it is like wearing braces as a 20 year old, please do not hesitate to message me.


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