Nine cool things that happened to me in 2016

This year has been very hard from a global perspective, but some new things happened to me, which also made 2016 one of the best years of my life.

Got braces and had them removed 


Okay so this was not cool and it wasn’t a fun experience, but I am so glad that I had braces on for most of this year. It was painful and completely knocked my confidence, but boy was it worth it. At least I have straight teeth now.

Wrote for different publications and managed a great team of writers

I became the editor of the Warwick Tab because it kind of fell on my lap. The whole editorial team from before were going on a year abroad, so there was no choice but to leave it to me. It has been such an incredible opportunity and my confidence has grown as a writer, and as an editor so I’ve branched out and written for MVSLIM, the Student Situation and a few magazines at university.

I had to manage the Warwick Tab from abroad and deal with two deputy editors leaving me in that time. I’ve recruited 15 new writers and our team has consistently been in the top 10 universities in the country, when it comes to views. We have completely smashed our targets and our team has become autonomous for the first time ever, meaning that we’re self governing.

Had two of my best friends visit me and meet my family in Jordan


None of my uni friends have met my family, because they live abroad. So having two of my best friends visit me in Jordan was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. We had many fun adventures together, including the time my anxiety got so bad that I thought ISIS was going to kidnap us from our tents in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert.

Started learning Arabic and interned at a Jordanian NGO


I spent my whole summer in Jordan, so I took the chance to learn a little Arabic, which I desperately need to keep up. I also interned at Microfund For Women, which was an incredibly eye-opening experience. I made such good friends there and I hope to see them again someday!

Lived abroad for three months


may have mentioned that I lived in Venice for the first term of third year. It was the most fantastic opportunity. I made the best of friends with the girls that I lived with and learned a little Italian as well. I traveled to Padua, Florence, Rome and Milan, so Italy is quickly becoming one of my favourite countries.

Finally learned how to do push-ups

This might sound funny, but my upper body strength was non-existent, so push ups were not possible in the slightest. Slowly but surely, I became stronger and can now do push ups. Next goal, pull ups!

Reconnected with old friends


I was terrible with keeping in touch with people at the beginning of first year because I went through a very socially anxious/paranoid period. However, I got over that by going on holiday with people I haven’t properly seen in two years. I had the best time and it was great to know that nothing changed and everyone was still as lovely as ever.

Went slightly viral on Twitter

It started with me tweeting a thread of the funniest moments in British television and it just went crazy viral and I trended #8 in the UK at one point, which was quite cool!

Cut myself a fringe and got my nose pierced


I got my nose pierced when I was visiting my friend at Nottingham. I woke up and told her we’re getting my nose pierced because I had a dream about it. The fringe was also a spontaneous moment, after watching a show called Don’t trust the bitch in number 23, I had the sudden urge to cut myself a fringe. I grabbed my roommate’s scissors and just went for it. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the fringe, but I’ve always wanted to rock one, so it’s been a fun experiment.


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