How to: Make The Most of Being a Student

As a student, you will face a lot of financial dilemmas because your money will be disappearing like never before. Books, clothes, food, drinks, events and travel all need to be paid for, but luckily there are some perks to being a student as we get a lot of special discounts!


16-25 Railcard

If you are far away from home, getting the train will become a regular occurrence in your life (unless your parents are extremely nice and will give you lifts half way up the country). The 16-25 Railcard provides a 1/3 off of all train tickets, it may not sound like a lot but over time it really does add up, especially if your university is very far away from home and ticket prices aren’t cheap. If you register for a student bank account with Santander, you get a free railcard for 4 years!

My Unidays

My Unidays is a website that puts all of the current offers that you can find for students in one place. They also regularly send you emails with some latest deals if you do not have time to check their website. For example this week they let me know that GHD has 20% off and so does Michael Kors on their selected watches. (Not that I will be splashing out on an MK watch any time soon) A lot of the times they also show deals for restaurants etc.

Save The Student

Save The Student is a lot like My Unidays, but it has a bigger selection of deals and a wider range of resources. Not only do they update you on the current deals, they also give you advice on saving money as a student on bigger things such as accommodation and jobs.


NUS and NUS+ is a similar concept to Unidays, however you have to have physical proof that you are eligible for NUS deals. Your University ID will have a regular NUS sign on it and for NUS+ you have to pay £12 a year, but in the long run it will save you so much money, it is completely worth it! Some of their current deals include 40% off at Pizza Express, 5% off millions of Amazon Products and 15% off MyProtein.

Amazon Student

If you register as a student for Amazon or update your existing account, it will ask you for your university email for verification. Then you can enjoy free next day delivery, or if you opt to use the 3-5 day regular service, you can get points towards Kindle Books and Amazon Video. You get a free trial for 6 months, after 6 months, it is £39 a year. (if you don’t enjoy the free 6 month trial, do not forget to opt out.)

Extra Tips

Some shops or restaurants will not advertise that they do student discounts, you can always ask if they do as you have nothing to lose!


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