DSC_0102 I am no stranger to America, but before this summer I didn’t visit for almost four years. This time round, I stayed with my family that I didn’t see for over a decade. So as you can probably tell, this trip meant a pretty big deal to me as it meant that I finally reunited with the people I love! The first restaurant that I was taken to was this Mexican place. I tried the tacos and was mind-blown. The portions in American really are MASSIVE. I could only eat half and had to take the rest home!DSC_0132It was my beautiful cousin’s 22nd birthday. It was such a lovely surprise to see how although we have grown up without one another for 12/13 years, we still had that close sisterly bond! A group of us and her friends celebrated by going to a Restaurant named Grace’s Mandarin. The food was a fusion of various asian dishes and the place itself was fancy to say the least!DSC_0140Aziza and Fahri are my cousin’s best friends, they live in the same apartment complex as her and they spend a lot of their time with eachother! It is so lovely to see how the Uzbek culture hasn’t been lost in my cousin’s life, due to the fact that a lot of her close friends are also Uzbek. Aziza and Fahri recently married and they are the sweetest people that you will ever meet! DSC_0224 (1)This Panang Chicken Curry was probably one of the best meals of my life. I am not even exaggerating. It was accompanied by these truly delicious Malaysian crepes. What I would do to go back there and have the same meal again…DSC_0322My cousin and I had a lot of quality time for the short time that I was there for. We went shopping, swimming, eating at different restaurants and watched a horror at the cinema. That was a very strange experience as I absolutely despise horror movies. I couldn’t sleep without a light on for the rest of the trip.IMG_0017My mum also flew over for a few days and it was great seeing her. We did the very touristy things such as going to the Capitol at night time and seeing the White House, it was her first time in DC.IMG_0020In an attempt to capture the Monument, I got this artsy shot instead of the BIGBUS in motion in front of it. I remember how crisp the air was as our whole family strolled down the streets of DC that evening.IMG_0029I was THIS close to Barack Obama, how cool?! I also didn’t know that there are snipers on top of the building, guarding it 24/7, so that was quite frightening!IMG_0073Cava was by far the healthiest place we ate in, it was very similar to Chipotle, but it seemed to have more fun options. You could mix and match protein with different prepared salads and antipasti.IMG_0074Look at how beautiful she is, I miss her so much already. Honestly my cousin is the sweetest girl you could ever meet, without a bad bone in her body. Hopefully she will be able to visit me in London soon and we will continue building our family bond!IMG_0103On one of my last days I had the chance to go to a gallery. This Edward Hopper painting spoke a lot to me. I imagined myself in front of this derelict house and the wind blowing through the long grass, a tranquil scene. It seems as though it could be chilly but the sun would warm you up as it spilled across your skin.IMG_0112I really like this quotation. It is so true, too many people have died without ever expressing themselves and I certainly do not want to be like them. It is too easy to get absorbed by our modern world and in the process you may end up losing yourself.

To be honest with you guys, I don’t really like this series of posts about being a tourist in my own city. That is due to the fact that I don’t feel like my photography complements what I am writing about. I will, however, finish this story, because I hate not finishing things when I have already started them. If you know any good books or tutorials on how to improve photography skills, please do send them my way!DSC_1183_FotorWhen looking through my shots, I spotted this fancy car in quite a gloomy alleyway. Only in London could you see this! This was taken in East London, where I stayed for a bit this summer!DSC_1189_FotorOne day we decided to explore Hyde Park and I rode my first ever Boris bike! This is another thing that I love about London, we have so many parks! We met with Carly and Roxanne for a bit, we caught up with our summers whilst having a cute picnic. Pictured above is Carly looking amazing after climbing volcanoes! She managed to raise over £1,500 for an amazing charity, Hope for Children! The bikes proved to be a struggle as I got tired way too easily, but it was such a lovely day.DSC_1195_FotorThis is what we had for lunch, it was at a place called Ping Pong. It wasn’t as delicious as I thought it would be! The steamed dumplings were really disappointing, but I was too hungry to complain!DSC_1203_FotorOn one of the last days of my cousin’s trip to London, we went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I have been before, but it was even better the second time! It was honestly the best thing I have ever been to. I wrote a review on it, that I might publish some day!DSC_1201_FotorThese flowers were so cool! I wonder if they have grown like this naturally? (Probably not…)DSC_0001_FotorAfter browsing the exhibition for almost 2 hours (I am quite slow when it come to things like this), we lunched at Café Crémerie.DSC_1214_FotorWe got two giant pancakes. Mine was filled with tropical fruit and accompanied by an vanilla ice cream!

It was so great seeing Nilufar, my cousin, we haven’t seen each other properly since my visit to Germany last winter. I think she was very impressed by London, but she still prefers Berlin. (Hey, you will always love the place where you live more, so I was fine with that!). She may not have had the conventional tour of London, but I showed her all of my favourite places and I think that’s way more important!

Hello everyone! In this video you will see me try some American sweets and snacks.

PicMonkey Collage copy 2

I do apologise for the sound quality as this was filmed outside, but I hope you enjoy watching this one! Let me know what your favourite American sweets/snacks are if you have tried any! Or any you have always wanted to try!