Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Primer and Foundation are also about half price each at Boots at the moment and I am so glad that I bought these two little gems as they are without doubt one of the better foundation products on the high street.DSC_0095 The Lasting Finish Primer doesn’t have any scent, it is a nice formula that fills in pores and other dents in your face and gets it ready for the application of foundation. Comparing it to Benefit’s Porefessional, it is less matte and airy and more like a cream. It is very rare to see drug store face primers that are actually this decent! DSC_0115 I found the foundation itself bendable and build-able. It has a refreshing scent like most other Rimmel foundations. However the only downfall was that although it claims to be a High Coverage foundation, while it didn’t disguise my blemishes very easily. DSC_0121However, the foundation lasted into the night without slipping or sliding at all. It didn’t budge through my stressful shift at work or  just during the day. Therefore this foundation is perfect for being worn day or night. The price makes it so affordable (RPR £7.99) and the packaging is very durable.

The Rimmel WONDER’FULL Mascara is on sale in Boots at the moment for £5.99 (reduced from £7.99) and it won’t disappoint, so try get your hands on this bad boy if you can! DSC_0107Firstly, it has the bronze packaging that most products containing Argan oil seem to have. I don’t quite understand the concept of having Argan oil in a mascara but apparently it prevents clumping and is nourishing for your lashes. DSC_0128 Secondly, the wand is huge, imitating most other mascaras by Rimmel and is very flexible. The bristles are tiny and are good for separating the lashes, but I have found that the formula still clumps my eyelashes ever so slightly. The smell of the formula is quite pleasant but can get a bit sickly. (doesn’t matter though because mascaras are not for smelling)DSC_0125 The image above shows my face with no mascara on, so a comparison can be drawn when you see the images where I am wearing the mascara. The image below shows one layer of the mascara on, the lashes aren’t separated well and the coating is very thin.DSC_0126 However when looking down, you can see the that the mascara has lengthened my lashes greatly.DSC_0127 This image shows my eyes with two layers of the product. Again, it has a significant impact on the overall look but it isn’t too dramatic.DSC_0130Overall, it is a mascara worth trying and I think I will be giving it a good use. It is still new so when it dries up a bit, the change in the formula might make a massive difference. From a first impression I would say that this product is a 3.5/5. It does smudge however, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the gym!


This lip balm was a gift from my mum. Or rather a hand-me down from her because she never uses make-up. (I know, so jealous). I haven’t really been that exposed to Dior cosmetics, but this one definitely gets a huge yes from me, as it ticks all the boxes. First of all, the packaging is so subtle yet classic. The pleasant baby pink case and the silver tube are a perfect combination of colours for this feminine product and are easy on the eye.DSC_1624Even though it looks saturated in the tube (as seen below), the subtle case parallels the slight hint of pink that this balm gives on the lips. The balm adds colour and life to your face and moisturises your lips at the same time. It is a pricy product (£23.50) as it is made by a luxury brand but it is worth the money as the balm lasts a long time and is of top-notch quality.

DSC_1633Ultimately the product isn’t a holy-grail as many cheaper alternatives are available to this balm, such as Carmex and Nivea Lip Butter. However the product for me is faultless as I can’t find any negative things to say about it. It makes a fantastic Christmas present for anyone and it is after all meant to be the coldest winter of the century, so brace yourself for those dry chapped lips!DSC_1625