I got this Benefit perfume sample when I purchased the Benefit Porefessional about a year ago and I always seem to take it with me. The scent is divine and its small size is perfect for your purse or clutch bag for a night out.

The scent is described as woody floral with al light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms. It is a light, feminine smell that is ideal for the spring. I do quite like the design on the bottle, as it is cute and unique, but there is nothing special enough about it to justify the extortionate price!

A full size bottle of this is £39.50 for 50ml, which I think, is far too expensive and it is only that price because it is a ‘brand’ product. It doesn’t have an iconic smell that many of the higher end products do, therefore I don’t believe that it should be worth that much.

I recommend getting it as a sample when you buy another full size Benefit product, like I did, or as part of a set. I don’t regret getting it, but it is not something that I would repurchase.

Wow. This is by far the best Benefit Mascara I have tried. Struggling with ‘Real Lash’, I really did not have any hope for this new release, but I must admit that I am swayed and will definitely be purchasing the full size when this sample size runs out.


The lasting effects are so clear. In the image below I have 0 make-up on.DSC_0192

With just one coat of the mascara, the lashes are immediately lengthened and give you a natural yet sultry look.DSC_0196

The second coat gives the volume that is absent when applying just one coat. I also found that it lifts the eyelashes by really accentuating the length.


There is little I can say in terms of packaging as the sample sizes always look slightly different to the real thing, however I believe that the ‘Hook ‘n’ Roll’ wand is what makes this mascara so perfect. The way it curves makes the application smooth and precise, opening up your eyes and lifting those lashes. It is easy to apply and easy to remove.


The only tiny drawback is that it can smudge or come off if you rub it with water, so make sure that you don’t wear this during hay-fever season and be careful in the rain. (I always tend to go for waterproof mascaras at that time of the year anyway). Overall this is a MUST-have, I love love love this. Thank you Benefit Gods and Goddesses…

DSC_0103You may have seen this eye-liner in my January Favourites because the brush is so incredibly thin and I could achieve any look I wanted (with a bit of a struggle as I have shaky hands). However there are some bad news; This formula is not for sensitive eyes. Everything about this eye liner is great, it stays on well, dries relatively quickly but after a few weeks of usage I started noticing that my eyes started tingling more and more and it got to the point where there was a burning sensation until I took everything off with a make-up wipe. I honestly wish I could continue praising it because its cheap and wonderful but the red and inflamed areas around my eyes are telling me to warn other people with sensitive eyes against trying this!