This is a video where I show all of the things that I got in Amman. I do apologise that this video is a little shaky and choppy, I broke my tripod so I need to get a new one!

PicMonkey Collage2

I hope you like this one and as ever, please do leave any suggestions of what you want to see on my channel. I am currently in America and I will be posting a lot of things from here.

Could it be a beauty review?! I do apologise for the lack of beauty related posts but here is a product that I have been meaning to talk about for a long time! DSC_1031Fake Up is a concealer by Benefit specifically designed to hydrate and brighten the under eye area. The outer layer is intended to moisturise while the inner layer contains the colour. Both of those layers blended produce a light to medium coverage concealer. However my problem with this product is that it boasts to contain “Vitamin E & apple seed extract” and be a “crease control concealer”. It smudged my lower lash mascara so badly that I ended up looking like a panda without realising for the whole day!DSC_1033My skin is currently much darker as I am tanned, so I am using this product as somewhat of a highlight colour. I am extremely disappointed with this product because the Benefit make up artist at the airport sold me dreams. Personally, I don’t think that it is not worth £18.50, but I have heard that some people find it amazing. My tip would be to try it out at the shop when you have eye make up on and see if it smudges it or not! Have you ever bought any make up that you have been let down by?

DSC_1783 (1)On some days when I have had zero sleep due to my very busy social schedule (just kidding I have exams). The first make-up item that I go for, after washing and moisturising my face obvs, is my favourite highlighter. This one is so cute, I am a fan of the little star doodles.

DSC_1780My beloved discounted Topshop one will eventually run out, so I am on the hunt for one that is similar to this! Once i find out, I will let the world know.  I honestly swear by wearing a highlighter because not only does it reflect natural light off of your face to give you that healthy glow, but it also hides your dark circles! A must-have for exam/deadline season. Do you have any good recommendations?