Beauty Go To Item: Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon

DSC_1783 (1)On some days when I have had zero sleep due to my very busy social schedule (just kidding I have exams). The first make-up item that I go for, after washing and moisturising my face obvs, is my favourite highlighter. This one is so cute, I am a fan of the little star doodles.

DSC_1780My beloved discounted Topshop one will eventually run out, so I am on the hunt for one that is similar to this! Once i find out, I will let the world know.  I honestly swear by wearing a highlighter because not only does it reflect natural light off of your face to give you that healthy glow, but it also hides your dark circles! A must-have for exam/deadline season. Do you have any good recommendations?


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