A Review of My Weekend at Bestival 2015

IMG_0374So this post is 3 months late? … Oops. Sorry, university happened! I have so many blog posts lined up that I drafted a long time ago, and I guess that I just haven’t had the chance to post them yet. This one is about my second visit to Bestival from September. The amazing thing about this certain festival is the time of the year that it is held. You don’t get that whole ‘I’m waaay too old to be here’ feeling like you would at most popular festivals in England because none of the young people that go to school are there.IMG_0381Our Bestival experience was off to an eventful start when Lily realised that she left her ticket at home… Many panic calls to her family and ticketmaster later, she managed to sort the issue out as soon as we got there.IMG_0396The journey there wasn’t too bad but the wait for the bus was. Trying to be in that sweet distance from the main arena where we’re not too close and not too far, we camped on the edge of Red. Apparently setting up right outside Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey was not a smart move. They would start blasting out music at about 8am when we got back to our tents merely a few hours before.IMG_0431This was taken at Gabrielle Aplin, precisely when my camera ran out of battery. I stupidly forgot to turn it off before taking this photo and unfortunately I was not able to capture much more from the weekend. Here I am wearing the make up that I got done at the Rimmel make-over booth on day 3! I was actually featured on Elle website as well (lol).IMG_0400To sum it up, it was amazing. Although I was the person that kept comparing it to ‘last year’, it was a totally different experience. I went to see different acts and actually explore the whole arena as well. The Enchanted Forest was totally captivating in the evenings and the speeches from Bestiversity never seemed to disappoint. I got to try a few bugs in the Science Tent and totally had a moment of regret because I didn’t study Biology further than GCSE. The most memorable moment was on the last night when the heavens decided to open. Elsa’s tent got completely flooded and she had to take refuge with me and Carly. The heavy rain started when were we literally at the furthest point possible from out tents. We all dried ourselves with tissues because we were all absolutely soaking. The morning was definetely not any better as it was mud galore. But would I do it all over again if I had the chance to? Absolutely.


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